Based on the Business Process Management – Discipline (BPM-D) Framework
Enabling the Next Generation Enterprise

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Executive Workshop:
Introduction to BPM-Discipline


Business success is increasingly dependent on the ability of organisations to implement strategic change rapidly and efficiently. We have developed the Business Process Management-Discipline – a unique, workable structured approach – which enables business leaders to meet this complex challenge.

Our half-day workshop is designed for up to 15 senior executives looking for new ideas. We will introduce you to the power of the BPM-Discipline and explain some of the essential components of this value-driven BPM function.

There is plenty of opportunity for interaction with case studies, questions and practical examples illustrating how BPM-D can transform your organisation into an agile “next generation enterprise”.


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Previous participants have rated the experience very highly:

“As well as providing a strategic overview I liked the personal approach. I enjoyed hearing other people’s questions and I was impressed by how Peter and Mathias were able to address specific issues on the spot.”

“A good mix of high-level people.”

“I came away with the tools I need to explain the value of process management and push for change within my organisation..”

“This session was able to cover all aspects of BPM in a way that I can go back to my company and explain the value of process management and push for change within my organization.”

“A great opportunity to interact and reflect.”


Introduction into Key Components of the BPM-DisciplineTM
Web-Based Training with Certification

Company Licenses Available

Business Process Management (BPM) transforms strategy into execution – at pace with certainty. This online course discusses the value and definition of the BPM-Discipline. It introduces the main components of the BPM-Discipline based on the patent pending BPM-D™ Framework and shows how they deliver significant value in practice. Case examples and lessons learned complete the course.

The course is designed to go over 4 weeks with about 2 hours of skill-developing learning time per week. At the end of the session participants have the opportunity to go through a short test of their BPM-Discipline learnings with the opportunity to receive a BPM-D™ Basics Certificate. Advanced web-based classes are in development.


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