Changes in strategy or the business environment require appropriate dynamic adjustments of priorities and related project portfolios. The result is an updated process agenda. Once the changes in the strategy are defined, the value-driver weights need to be adjusted with shifting priorities.  Some value-drivers may even need to be added or existing ones removed, reflecting shifting strategic priorities. As shown in Figures 10 and 11, value-drivers are updated dynamically and with that the resulting priorities.

Figure 10: Process Impact with All Value-Drivers Selected

Figure 11: Process Impact with Value-Drivers Deactivated due to Priority Changes

The updated value-drivers in Figure 11 make it transparent where to adjust initiatives and where to start new ones to ensure you continue to deliver best value towards your strategy. This update of value-drivers and their weights enables an agile adjustment of process-priorities to respond to revised strategies, reflecting the ever-changing business environment (Kirchmer, Franz 2014). The executive dashboard shown in figure 1 helps to make informed decisions on those shifting priorities.  Continuously adapting to organisational change through effective prioritisation enables best ongoing value-delivery to the organisation.


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