Now that we have defined value packages with definitions of their business impact and the effort required, we can begin to segment our projects into execution waves, defining the time frame when the projects will be launched. Result is a “process agenda”.  Value packages are prioritised in terms of the value which they deliver and the effort which is required.  The value is calculated as the value package’s impact on the business processes and their impact on the strategy. The effort is estimated based on the process maturity and the expected resources required to increase the maturity level appropriately.  In most cases, this is started with a rough high-level estimation which can be refined later on as required.

Value packages are organised into three waves: wave one indicates a project start within the next 1-6 months, wave two follows within the next 6 to 12 months, and wave three serves as a parking lot for future initiatives.  Figure 8 visualises the approach of prioritising value packages.  It is important to keep value packages that are not executed in the next months in wave three so that this information can be used in the next planning round or when the strategy changes and priorities get adjusted. This allows a dynamic adjustments of projects portfolios and the related process agenda.

Figure 8: Process Agenda Priority Graph


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