Digitalization offers many opportunities for business value but it requires a new set of skills that not every organization possesses. In order to realize the value of digitalization, organizations need to develop a means to maintain pace and reduce the overall time required for many inherent business process changes and adjustments. Hence, both processes and the related management need to be agile. The discipline of business process management offers such a means. The BPM-Discipline establishes a value-network across the traditional functional organization. Organizations utilizing process management systematically on a day-to-day basis are better equipped to understand where their own deficiencies currently are and how they might be improved significantly. The BPM-Discipline even provides the transparency to identify the right transformation opportunities for an organization. Further, an active and mature BPM-Discipline positions an organization to realize the full value of strategic initiatives faster, more effectively, and with less risk.

Organizations thinking of digitalization should consider the following preparation steps:

  1. Check the maturity of existing process management capabilities – See if your organization is ready to deal with the anticipated digital transformation and identify gaps to fill
  2. Identify high-impact, low-maturity processes – These are good targets to start digital transformations
  3. Establish or enhance process governance – Be ready to make fast decisions and enact rapid execution in a digital world
  4. Create the necessary transparency – Focus on value-driven enterprise and process architecture initiatives.

These steps position an organization with the right BPM-Discipline to launch digitalization initiatives and transformations that provide real value.

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