5.4 Successful BPM Typically Reports to Top Management

As mentioned previously, successful process management and digitalization initiatives are often found in organizations where executive management takes significant responsibility for the execution of those initiatives. Further, those organizations’ c-level management are most often the primary sponsors for digitalization investments (see figure 3). Non CIO c-level management are the most frequent primary sponsors of process management investments. Director level personnel are the next most likely to sponsor either digitalization or process management investments. Other than VP level personnel, who are actually less likely to be the primary sponsor for these investments than the Directors reporting to them, the trend continues with decreasing likelihood of sponsorship as one works their way further down the management organization tree. In other words, companies whose senior most executives sponsor investments in digitalization and process management are often times the ones realizing the most value from those investments.

Figure 3: Primary Sponsor for BPM and Digitalization Investments


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