4.3 BPM Enables Business Value

Realizing business value oftentimes begins by targeting high impact, low maturity processes [6]. While this may be where many businesses at least try to start their value journey, there are many speed bumps and roadblocks along the way that BPM helps to remedy and resolve. One critical area is that BPM helps identifying those high impact processes, a task many organizations struggle with. Another important aspect is people enablement and related change management. BPM addresses individual roles’ needs in the context of decision making, recognizing the interconnections between different departments and functional units. Focus is put on addressing any gaps in skill competencies; that is, people enablement. Likewise, BPM addresses governance by making sure senior management is involved and aligned in executing the strategic initiatives. Perhaps most critically with digitalization, BPM aligns business and IT by systematically identifying new “to be” processes that leverage both functional areas. It further builds on initial execution by identifying opportunities to digitize more, where appropriate. In aggregate, BPM bridges the gap between business strategy and strategic execution.


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