4.2 BPM Helps to Overcome Entrenched Obstacles to Strategy Execution

With a defined business strategy, seeking specific impacts from new initiatives, execution becomes the next critical step. But, as previously mentioned, there are any number of internal issues, be they cultural resistance to change or simply ill-focused initiatives, that either interrupt execution or otherwise create a gulf between anticipated and realized value from that strategy. Business process management helps to target the right business areas to breach the gulf and realize the full anticipated value of new initiatives. In the case of digitalization, the BPM discipline helps to identify those processes that will see the highest impact. In truth, most processes are commodity transactions best handled by utilizing industry standards. Academic and practical research has repeatedly shown that less than 20% of an organization’s processes are have an high impact on the competitive positioning of an organization and are worth the effort to innovative or generate disruptive improvements through BPM efforts [4][6]. However, when BPM is utilized on those critical processes, it leads to lasting competitive advantage. Thus, BPM helps to target realizable business value – and can help point digital initiatives on those targets.


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