2.0 A Comprehensive Global Research Study to Deliver Actionable Results – Overview

The Gartner Group recently published a study suggesting that only 1% of businesses are adequately prepared to fully leverage the value of their own digitalization initiatives [3]. Seeking to better understand the state of organizational readiness for digitalization initiatives and BPM maturity within those organizations, BPM-D conducted its own study in partnership with Universidad de Chile and Widener University. Over 200 organizations responded from around the world, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Likewise, these companies represent a broad spectrum ranging from small and medium businesses to large enterprise operations, spread across numerous industries. About half of the respondents would be considered mid-level management while 35% held senior positions as Director or above (e.g. VP, C-level). While 44% associated themselves in some way with a business process management department, most respondents were drawn from other functional areas spanning their respective organizations.


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