6.0 Some Examples: Value-Driven BPM using Open BPM Approached in Practice?

The design of business processes based on modelling standards is a good starting point in process innovation through BPM. An example is a North American producer of commodity chemicals, such as plastic foils. Differentiation through products is nearly impossible. Process innovation and the competitive advantage it provides is extremely important. Therefore, the company identified process innovation as a key corporate initiative. Every business unit manager delivers suggestions for process innovation in the form of process models in a standard format, so that an evaluation and potential implementation can be carried out easily.

Siemens and Intel, both high-tech enterprises, similarly facilitated the innovation of their mutual supply chain management (SCM). The intercompany collaboration processes were defined on the basis of the SCOR standard delivered by the Supply Chain Council [11]. Innovations included in the supply chain structure enabled an efficient roll out of changes and standards across the organizations. Their approach is visualised in Fig. 5. The graphic shows on the top part the supply chains of the companies defined based on the SCOR standard and the collaboration scenarios designed based on this. The lower part of the figure shows the detailed process execution and data exchange based on RosettaNet standards.

Figure 5: Intel-Siemens: Supply Chain Management (SCM)  innovation

A leading Japanese trading company, has followed a similar innovation facilitation initiative. As a service company, process innovation is basically the only effective form of innovation. Mitsui can use its existing BPM environment with the defined standards to transfer innovation ideas from one location to another and to measure the effects of such innovation initiatives.

Business Process Innovation has also found its way into the educational and academic practice. Universities, such as Widener University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offer certifications and master’s degree programs with a focus on business process innovation [19]. This allows enterprises to recruit employees who are familiar with innovation enabled through business process management. BPM has become a key driver of innovation in our digital world.



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