4.3 Learnings and further Development of the BPM-D Application

The integrated and intuitive nature of the BPM-D Application proved to be very popular with the pilot organisation’s finance users. The control management for compliance activities now require less time to execute and are thus more diligently performed. The fact that the user community works on-line ensures that they are executing the latest version of the controls and there is an excitement to apply the same approach in other parts of the group.

A very exciting by-product of the implementation was that the related process models now more accurately
reflect the business operations and there is an incentive to ensure that they are properly understood and kept
current. The ownership for these models has moved from being with one lonely process owner to being much
more effectively managed in a collaborative way by the broader stakeholder community.

This has made the finance team much more aware of the benefits of value-driven process management. They
are looking to extend their capability and simultaneously extending their adoption of the BPM-D Application

In the next steps of the agile development of the BPM-D Application the following modules will be added:

  • Target Value – strategy-driven process impact assessment
  • BPM Capability Assessment – capability assessments report maintenance
  • Process Agenda – Prioritization and strategy-driven process-oriented project portfolio management
  • Process Data – Managing and maintaining further process context
  • Governance – the setup of user roles, responsibilities and content access rights

All of those modules exist in the mean-time in functional beta versions. These will be tested in the near future in real business situations in collaboration with our clients.

These developments will be combined with the launch of the implementation of new usage scenarios for the process control related modules and the integrated support of people change management and process-oriented community management. In that way more and more of the discovered PoPM gaps will be closed while already creating benefits through existing BPM-D Application components.



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