One of the early adopters of the BPM-D Application is a large shipping company headquartered in Europe with offices globally. They manage over 100 vessels and live under a very robust regulatory and control environment. Their finance organisation is structured in a hybrid way with a combination of a corporate oversight, individuals in each business unit to support their management and a centralised global business services team executing many of the transactional and reporting tasks.

Alignment of processes and the necessary controls across these finance entities is important to ensure that actions are not overlooked and that there is the proper segregation of responsibilities. These controls were managed in a very manual way and were thus not as robust as was required. Their business processes were mapped in a diagramming tool which was little more than a pictorial representation of the workflow. The controls were highlighted on the workflow and they used a combination of a worksheet and email to manage the compliance and audit of these controls.

Changes to the processes and the controls were also difficult to implement as they were kept on a local server and not integrated. The controls team attempted to keep these up to date and then needed to distribute changes through email notifications.

The organisation required a much more integrated and accessible solution to achieve the controls objectives effectively.


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