The acceptance of a PoPM, with a significant higher degree of digitalization is again dependent on the people who have to use it. To motivate them and make the PoPM part of a positive process-oriented culture it is important that the new digital components are fun for the users to deal with.

This requires a simple and intuitive user interface. It needs to make people feel familiar and comfortable with it by copying behaviours from existing widely used applications. On the other hand, it must also bring innovations to the table that make it interesting to migrate, for example from the use of a spreadsheet, to the new PoPM application.

The integration of gamification, self-learning and data analytics components, is another way to get people excited and make dealing with the new set of tools fun while improving PoPM performance. This is especially important when it comes to community management and application functionality that is used on a daily basis.

To make the use of the tool fun, its administration has to be efficient. Hence, a cloud-based approach is required. The cloud has become a main driver of digitalization. The PoPM digital initiative is not an exception to this (Abolhassan, 2016).


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