A rapidly increasing number of organizations makes digitalization a part of their strategy. Digitalization is defined as the integration of physical products, people and processes through the internet of things (IoT) and related information technology (IT) (McDonald 2012) (Scheer 2015). This definition is visualized in figure 3.

Figure 3: Definition of Digitalization

Business normally have a solid management discipline around products they produce or procure, e.g. in form of equipment. Examples are product or asset management disciplines. They normally also have a good discipline around their people and their information technology. However, in many cases the discipline around their business processes is missing (Cantara, 2015). The BPM-Discipline closes this gap. It uses the opportunities of digitalization to create new or improved business processes which realize the strategy of the organization. BPM provides the answers to the main issues business struggle with in their digitalization initiatives. Figure 4 shows key challenges organizations encounter – all of them addressed through the BPM-Discipline.

Figure 4: Key challenges of Digitalization Initiatives


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