As one of the Top Influencers in the BPM market, Dr. Mathias Kirchmer was featured in the recent release of BPM.COM’s annual “Year Ahead” article. The article sets the tone for what’s next by highlighting goals and expectations for the development and growth of BPM.

For 2019, Dr. Kirchmer predicts BPM trends to influence six key areas which includes:

  • Digital Transformation Management
  • Pragmatic Agility for Process Improvements
  • Value-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Business Context for Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Integrated Process and Data Governance
  • Hybrid Workforce Management

“BPM helps to scope digital transformation initiatives as well as manage the value identification and realization. The combination of agile principles, like the fast realization of process improvements in different stages, with top down approaches and enabling digital tools, such as process mining or prioritization applications provides a fast and adaptive approach to improvements and transformation.” – Dr. Kirchmer

Click HERE to read the complete article that details Dr. Kirchmer’s six key trends influencing strategy execution in today’s rapidly changing business environment.