Value-switch to Digitalisation


In today’s digital world there are many pressures on organisations to adapt and keep up with the increasingly complex demands of this dynamic environment. Digitalisation represents one of the most critical means by which organisations can maximise their impact in their market, but it is also one of the most difficult to effectively implement. Use a BPM discipline to identify existing deficiencies & then implement digitalisation enabled solutions to resolve these at pace with certainty.

Establishing an execution roadmap for your business strategy, leveraging processes as an organising lens, to effectively identify and prioritise transformation initiatives. This is essential to meet the challenges for the much more dynamic “next generation” enterprise. Creating the roadmap for delivering business improvements and the sustainable process management capability to deliver it faster and with greater certainty.


  1. Digitalisation: Changing the Business Landscape
  2. Digitalisation in the Real World
  3. Common Pitfalls Associated with Digitalisation
  4. Preparing for the Digitalisation Value-switch
  5. Establishing BPM Capabilities
  6. Enabling Next Generation Processes through Digitalisation


  1. Discuss the challenges facing companies in the digital world
  2. Develop an understanding of the Internet of Things and the opportunities it provides
  3. Learn about steps to prepare for the Digitalisation switch
  4. Apply a value-driven approach to digitalisation
  5. Develop a process agenda to deliver fast results and lasting capabilities
  6. Pragmatically plan the way forward for your organisation
  7. Discuss how best to enable Next Generation Processes through digitalisation


Executives and technology-centric senior management looking for a structured, value-driven way to enable digitalisation at their organisations.

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