Value-driven System Implementation


When your company has invested in a new system it is critical to maximise the value that can be gained from it. We will help you to understand how to ensure you drive results by strategically targeting systems for improvement by supporting the system implementation programme through end-to-end BPM discipline.

Our approach focusses on creating business value through a Process-led implementation. Focus on high impact processes and identifying how to utilise the best-in-market tools to ensure that your organisation’s needs are met while not overburdening the end user.

Identify and achieve the appropriate degree of Standardisation, supported by the customisation and innovations required to deliver on your corporate strategy. Develop the governance, approaches and processes required to enable a successful system implementation.


  1. IT Transformation Overview
  2. Process-led Implementation & V-Model
  3. Process Review & To-Be Creation
  4. Solution Functional Design
  5. Process-enabled Programme Management
  6. UAT: Scenario Design Made Easy
  7. Capability Building & Training
  8. Case Study: ERP Implementation


  1. Apply a value-driven approach to change management
  2. Develop a process agenda to deliver fast results and lasting capabilities
  3. Deliver transparency, agility, innovation, and more through BPM
  4. Complete an IT-Transformation overview to establish As-Is
  5. Develop a process-lead implementation plan and discuss To-Be creation
  6. Pragmatically plan the way forward for your organisation
  7. Develop a structured approach to delivering value in your organisation


PMs & Senior Leadership looking for an evolved approach to project management, leveraging process to maintain visibility and alignment throughout the project lifecycle.

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