Date: October 22, 2020 (Thursday)

Time: 11 AM EST

As many organizations prepare their operational plan for the upcoming year, it is important to note that over 87% of businesses miss their strategic goals each year.

BPM-D’s Value-driven Prioritization approach is designed to addresses this situation. It delivers the end-to-end operational process analytics companies need to identify in which areas to launch new initiative and where to re-focus or stop ongoing process improvement projects to achieve their goals.

We operationalize the business strategy through value-drivers, assess the impact of processes on the strategy as well as their maturity, and define the relevant enterprise and process performance indicators. Then we use this information to define priorities and appropriate improvement projects These projects are executed in an end-to-end context leveraging process modeling techniques. The findings are explained using case examples.

Attendees of this webinar will learn how to:

  • Convert a strategy into operational value-drivers
  • Identify high impact, low maturity processes most important for the strategy realization
  • Define priorities for improvement projects and resulting project portfolio
  • Improve processes in the appropriate context

About the Speaker:

Shaunie Archer is a dynamic self-starter with an innovative and pragmatic approach to problem solving. As a BPM-D Senior Consultant, she has led numerous transformation and process improvement initiatives for multiple clients across technology, financial and health industries. These clients where able to achieve operational efficiency, reduce cost and increase revenue through process innovation, optimization and standardization.

Shaunie is exceptionally skilled at navigating new business situations to help clients integrate strategy, process, technology and information to increase effectiveness, reduce cost and grow revenue. She is passionate about helping clients identify opportunities to achieve business efficiency and strategic objectives.