Businesses have in general a solid management discipline around their products and an understanding of their people and information technology management. However, often the discipline around their business processes is missing or at a low maturity level. This is a significant challenge since new or enhanced processes deliver at the end the value of a transformation.

If a company sells compressors and connects to them through the internet, nothing really changes. Only if it establishes processes that leverage this connection, for example for preventive maintenance or the realization of a new business model to sell compressed air as a service, the digitalization provides its full value.

Business process management is established as the overarching management discipline organizing process governance and integrating it with the organization. Thus BPM-Discipline becomes the value-switch for the digital transformation journey, setting the right priorities, improving what matters most and sustaining the transformation results. It makes Value-driven Digital Transformation happen.

“Digital transformation is about the systematic integration of physical products, people and processes through the internet of things (IoT) and related information technology.” 

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer