Date: July 1, 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 2 PM EST

Digital business transformation has become a mainstream topic. According to newest research over 70% of organizations have started their digitalization journey. However, many companies struggle to translate their digital transformation initiatives into real business value. High expectations of stakeholders are often not met or only partly achieved. Enabling technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Digital Platforms tend to deliver only a fraction of their potential. A process-led approach to digital transformation addresses these challenges. Better performing business processes deliver at the end the value of digital transformations.

This presentation discusses key topics required to master the value-realization of digital business transformation initiatives. Effective business process management becomes the “value-switch” for digitalization. Process translate the integration of people and internet-based digital technology into business value.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Set the right priorities for transformations
  • Create pragmatically the foundation for a realistic business case
  • Accelerate analysis, design, and realization of digital processes
  • Align business and IT during the entire transformation
  • Deliver many of the transformation activities remotely

All findings are illustrated using case examples, mainly from financial and high-tech companies. Key techniques, tools and technologies are explained in the context of those practice cases.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer

Managing Director and Co-CEO, BPM-D
Affiliated Faculty, Program for Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Kirchmer is an experienced practitioner and thought leader in the field of Digital Transformation and Business Process Management (BPM). He co-founded BPM-D, a consulting company focusing on operational excellence, customer experience, and process innovation by leveraging the discipline of BPM. Before starting BPM-D, he was Managing Director and Global Lead of BPM at Accenture, and CEO of the Americas and Japan of IDS Scheer, known for its ARIS Software.