Mathias Kirchmer, George Brown, Herbert Heinzel: Using SCOR and Other Reference Models for E-Business Process Networks. In book: Business Process Excellence – ARIS in Practice, Edition: 1, Publisher: Springer, Editors: August-Wilhelm Scheer, Mathias Kirchmer, Wolfram Jost, Ferri Abolhassan, pp.45-64


While companies in the 90’s focused on the design and implementation of their internal business processes to overcome functional barriers, the 00’s are about the integration between enterprises, about inter-enterprise processes. Key in that field is the improvement of supply chain management processes. Major enabler is the internet. That’s why the resulting processes are called e-business processes, connected to entire networks of processes. In order to design and implement those inter-enterprise e-business processes efficiently and effectively, more and more organizations use available industry standards in form of reference models like the Supply Chain Reference Model (SCOR), developed by the Supply Chain Council, the RosettaNet Standards, or software reference models. Unclear is for many enterprises, HOW to use those standards. Goal of a joint initiative between Intel; Siemens AG SBS; IDS Scheer and various technology partners, has been to develop a comprehensive methodology for the use of reference models, especially SCOR and RosettaNet, to define and implement inter-enterprise collaborations within supply chain networks. The methodology leads to fast and reliable results in supply chain improvement. It increases the performance of the implementation as well as of the resulting processes.

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