Today business strategies and operations are driven by scores of ever-shifting factors: from demographic changes, capital availability and legal regulations to technological innovations and an all-present digitalization. Static business models are no longer able to keep pace with such dynamic change. Companies need a management approach that fits to this environment. Organizations need to master the” new normal” and deal proactively with our” digital world “. In effect, they must know how and when to modify or enhance their business processes, which processes are optimal candidates for intervention, and how to move rapidly from strategy to execution. That is where the Business Process Management-Discipline (BPM-Discipline) helps. It enables organizations to deal with change successfully and create immediate as well as lasting competitive advantage.

It delivers significant business value by converting strategy into people and IT based execution at pace with certainty. The BPM-Discipline creates a” strategy execution network “. The BPM-Discipline is implemented through the” process of process management “. Organizations look for a way to systematically establish their process of process management efficiently and effectively. This can be achieved using a holistic framework and reference model for the process of process management. The paper introduces the BPM-Discipline and how it is implemented through the process of process management, leveraging a powerful reference architecture in form of comprehensive information models as well as related tools and templates.

“Organizations need to master the ” new normal ” and deal proactively with our digital world.”

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer