For many years, companies have deployed business process management (BPM) techniques and tools to improve, refine and adapt business processes efficiently to support changing business goals. Such use of BPM traditionally has been on a project basis, not as a sustainable capability. Today, however, BPM increasingly is viewed as a source of value in its own right and as a powerful management discipline. BPM can be used to create sustainable competitive advantages that are difficult to copy. This value- driven BPM helps organizations to transform strategy into people and IT based execution, at pace and with certainty

In this paper, we explore how companies can use BPM to generate value and competitive advantage for the business on an ongoing, consistent basis. We discuss how organizations can establish a “process of process management” to realize a sustainable discipline of value-driven BPM.

“Because building the process of process management often requires significant investments of effort and resources, the more quickly benefits are realized the better.”

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer