• Historically focused on high margin products in niche markets; Inefficiencies covered through higher prices.
  • Competition penetrated the market segment which led to eroded margins.
  • Moving innovations onto the market.
  • Limited end-to-end process visibility.
  • Lack of cross functional management of processes.
  • No pre-existing process management capability.


Business strategy and value drivers defined. As-Is process models created. Improvement potentials derived.


Improvement ideas derived. To-Be process models created. Work Packages defined.


Key BPM capabilities defined and established – process strategy, process and enterprise architecture, outline process governance


New capabilities implemented through customized training, coaching, and knowledge transfer.


  • Enterprise-wide process strategy framework with agreed upon value drivers directly correlated to company goals and objectives.
  • Cloud based process repository containing streamlined process content supporting new strategy.
  • New process management capabilities for sustaining realized improvement results & continuous improvement.
  • Improved inventory accuracy.
  • Improved on-time ship rate.
  • Initiated S&OP process.