Targeted Innovation to Maximise Performance


Innovation provides an unrivalled tool for developing a competitive edge over the rest of the market. However, a balance between innovation and conservation, where returns on existing innovations are maximised, is required. Organisations can overstretch on new initiatives without realising potential value from existing ones without this balance.

The organisational transparency afforded by Business Process Management enables a targeted approach to innovation. Using a strategy-driven process prioritisation, innovation initiatives can be designed around specific, critical processes or functions. This provides a competitive edge in the areas that have the maximum impact for attracting and retaining clients.


  1. Innovation: Definition & Relevance to Modern Businesses
  2. Processes & Innovation: What’s the Link?
  3. Targeting the Right Processes for Innovation
  4. Methods for Enabling Innovation
  5. Step or Iterative Innovation?
  6. Conservation for Commodity Processes
  7. Sustainably Managing Innovation


  1. Deliver transparency, agility, innovation, and more through BPM
  2. Identify the 80% of commodity processes
  3. Identify the 20% of high impact processes
  4. Operationalise corporate strategy into actionable value drivers
  5. Design innovation initiatives around high impact processes
  6. Use value targeting to align innovation with business strategy
  7. Explore conservation / standardisation approaches for commodity processes
  8. Pragmatically plan the way forward for your organisation
  9. Develop a structured approach to delivering value in your organisation


Executives looking to drive innovation and growth, while maximising returns on both existing and new initiatives.

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