System Design & Requirements Gathering


One of the greatest instigators, and opportunities, for organisational change is the implementation of a new system. This can often be missed as businesses only look for a replacement of their existing system, to minimise the effort and work involved in implementing the change. Instead, with our help, learn to realise this benefits that can be reaped from the situation.

Define As-Is processes to fully identify the scope of the software implementation; highlight impacted process branches and all stakeholders affected. Analyse the process, identifying issues and improvement opportunities. Design To-Be processes which fully leverage all new capabilities afforded by next generation technologies. Define comprehensive system requirements based on the revised processes, meeting business needs the entire organisation.

Fully realise the process transformation opportunity major software implementations represent, while minimising the risk of downstream change requests and customisations, through a systematic, process-driven system design approach.


  1. UI Update or Process Transformation
  2. Defining System Scope
  3. As-Is Process Capture
  4. Issue Capture, Improvement Definition
  5. Preparing To-Be Processes
  6. Defining Requirements – the process link
  7. Requirement Finalisation
  8. Common Pitfalls of Software Design
  9. Process throughout the Implementation Lifecycle


  1. Understand that IT implementations must be a catalyst for process transformation
  2. Structure process information in a consistent manner
  3. Capture As-Is process information
  4. Record current process issues and improvement opportunities
  5. Define improved To-Be processes enabled by the new IT potential
  6. Record requirements to support the To-Be processes
  7. Validate requirements with business and vendor


Business analysts seeking a structured and comprehensive approach to gathering requirements and defining a IT system.

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