Implementing a Successful Automation (RPA) Practise


Automation enables you to execute processes at a fast pace. When not correctly implemented, however, things go wrong. Fast.

Before starting any Automation project, the scope / aim of the project must be critically analysed and aligned with the business need and existing project portfolio. Identify where automation can deliver the most return with the least effort must be the first step in any RPA journey.

Our frameworks provide guidance on identifying the critical areas ideal for automation. Leveraging our experience in the area, we then educate you on how to develop and implement basic RPA solutions with a specialist software.

Arm yourself with the tools required to successfully manage RPA initiatives, from project initiation through to the basic technical skills required for execution oversight.


  1. Dawn of the Bots – what is automation & how will it change the workplace
  2. Avoiding RPA Pitfalls with BPM
  3. Targeting Processes for Automation
  4. Optimise then Automate
  5. Modelling: Process, Decision, Data
  6. Selecting & Configuring a RPA Tool
  7. Change Management for Bots


  1. Understand the power of Automation
  2. Discover the common pitfalls and the best ways to avoid them
  3. Finding the best practices to implement automation
  4. Use value targeting to align RPA initiatives with business strategy
  5. Basics of configuring the RPA tool and workspace
  6. Discuss the change management implications required with the introduction of RPA


Senior personnel looking to establish an RPA capability at their organisations, including the skill development, governance setup and usage scenarios.

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