Case Study

Risk and Controls Management Setup at a Sports Technology Company


A thriving organisation focused on delivering results to their clients around the sports market intelligence arena, our client was keen to find ways to harmonise their business processes effectively.  They also wanted to use their new facilities to align their knowledge of what was happening in the development in the IT world with what was happening in the process world, in terms of how the business processes were changing.


Focused on the sports, betting and media markets, our client is a sports data and technology company delivering market intelligence that enables faster decision making and more engaging fan experiences.  Their product offering includes fully automated streaming technology and media engagement campaigns.

“Featuring a new standard process repository and three workflows, we were able to configure Signavio; integrating all their IT systems.”

Challenge & Opportunity

Our client’s IT team was keen to standardise their processes; bringing them all together in a centralised repository that would enable our client to become more effective in their project management processes.  This would mean that they were able to harmonise initiatives that would support new product rollouts and IT developments faster. 

One of the key requests of the project was the ability to manage their IT and finance risks centrally. This would enable our client to plan their processes and set controls accordingly if changes needed to be put in place.  And finally, our client wanted to have a better alignment between their process team and the IT team. 

The two functions were working in parallel – with a business community that managed the process change, and an IT community that managed the IT change.  This meant that if there was a new requirement, the IT team would develop those requirements and once completed, they would notify the business team.  Unfortunately, this meant that a lot of things were missed, due to no clear alignment with the respective business process changes and staff uninformed of new process installations.


Our work took place in three phases.  Firstly, we set up a process repository using the Signavio tool; creating a framework that described the key functions and processes of their business.  We set up reusable information dictionaries featuring a central listing of their IT systems and roles rather than having duplications as previously experienced. 

In the second phase, we focused on risk and compliance.  We looked at the potential impact of certain activities on the business; associating business risks and analysing the possible business processes where these risks could occur.  We set up Signavio with different control actions that needed to be performed to manage those risks.  This gave the client the choice of various options of how they could use the tool.  

The final phase related to the issue of IT and business alignment.  Our client’s IT function was using a project management tool called JIRA, where all their IT requirements and development stages were listed and captured as and when progress was made.  We created an integration using Signavio Workflow between Signavio and JIRA so that staff could raise a business requirement directly from Signavio, and that requirement could be fed into JIRA.  This meant that when the development team put the requirement into JIRA, and took it through its development and testing journey, this information was then fed back into Signavio, delivering the latest status of that specific requirement on Signavio. 


  • Featuring a new standard process repository and three workflows, we were able to configure Signavio, integrating all their IT systems.
  • If there were any changes in the IT architecture, roles or responsibilities, these were reflected in the system.
  • We successfully trained our client’s teams on using and managing the Signavio process manager and Workflow.
  • The organisation was also able to plan proactively and manage compliance through a whole framework of risks and controls.
  • We also helped bridge the gap between IT and business by integrating the whole requirement management between Signavio and JIRA.
  • As a direct result, we enabled the business and IT team to work seamlessly together.

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