Mathias Kirchmer, Michael zur Muehlen, Michael Rosemann, Silke Lehmann: Research StudyBPM Governance in Practice. Accenture Whitepapers, Philadelphia 2013.


Value-driven Business Process Management involves tailoring BPM to the value drivers of a process-centered organization. Aligning BPM tools, methods and overall approaches to the specific organizational context drives the contribution of deliverables to the strategic ambitions of the corporation. This report is the first detailed study into the extent to which organizations individualize their governance to the overall objectives of BPM. Based on findings derived from a global survey, this report presents an assessment of the current state-of-the-art of value-driven BPM practices and governance structures.

One positive from a BPM viewpoint is that respondent organizations derive tangible value from their BPM initiatives.This value is generally derived by involving senior executives and relying on increasingly influential process owners. However, it should also be noted that BPM is still largely treated as a standard approach and that very few respondent companies have started individualizing their BPM governance.

Value-driven BPM governance is proposed as a new way of ensuring that BPM is well the organization in order to increase the overall BPM benefits even further. A more value-driven form of BPM governance requires that the organizational integration of BPM is a function of what corporations are trying to achieve.

Research Study – BPM Governance in Practice (PDF Download Available here).