Date: August 4, 2020 (Tuesday)

Time: 12 PM EST

The Rapid Process Improvement approach is founded on a fast and pragmatic use of digital process models to identify improvement opportunities and required actions. Strategy-based and process-led prioritization of initiatives helps to focus on what matters most. Software and technology-based reference models accelerate the design activities. Process analytics help to verify and quantify expected value. And all of that can happen in a remote delivery mode, leveraging appropriate tools and techniques. The webinar focuses on key aspects of rapid process improvement using a Supply Chain case example from a global technology manufacturing company. It explains a digital transformation that achieves fast results while building lasting capabilities.

Attendees of the webinar will learn how :

  • Process improvement has evolved in the digital age
  • Required process performance is achieved, fast and at minimal risk
  • Value is sustained after the transformation
  • High Impact can be delivered remotely

About the Speaker:

Goncalo Esteves is an innovative Business Process Management and Systems Thinking professional. He held senior process management positions in the manufacturing industry before joining BPM-D.

Goncalo seeks to provide organizations a deep sense of purpose and actionable results by transforming their processes to enable strategic and operational outcomes. Having worked on several continents he loves people diversity and embraces cultural awareness. Goncalo is interested in the field of space architecture and related developments by learning how to work and evolve in extreme environments.