Process Simulation


Implementing a process revision carries significant risk. From major IT implementations to revised operational procedures, every transformation carries a degree of uncertainty.

Process simulation presents an opportunity for risk mitigation, complemented by optimisation functionalities. By modelling the new process in detail, recording key data points, businesses can easily identify bottlenecks, spot failure points, and optimally assign resource.

Our approach encompasses both the technical aspect of deploying simulation and the managerial approach required for defining the optimal usage scenarios for simulation, such that you can derive maximum value from simulation endeavours.


  1. Process Simulation Overview
  2. Simulation Usage Scenarios
  3. Information Required for Simulation
  4. Integration with Process Assets
  5. Building Implementation Scenarios
  6. Scenario Optimisation & Execution
  7. Anomalies & Bottleneck Analysis
  8. Process Redesign


  1. Understanding of simulation capabilities & value
  2. Identify when to deploy simulation
  3. Integrate simulation information with existing process assets
  4. Build simulation ready process models
  5. Simulate processes, identify issues
  6. Optimise processes per the simulation results
  7. Apply simulation in practical business situations


Analysts & process architects looking to develop practical simulation capabilities. BPM managers exploring when to deploy simulation.

Tool specific training can be provided for private workshops; such workshops would incur a customisation cost.

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