Many companies struggle with getting value out of their Process Repository​, this three-day mobilization workshop offers focused support for users to successfully set-up their repository and create the foundation for enterprise-wide impact of the process repository.

The BPM-D approach to Repository Management is used to help users successfully set-up and roll-out their process repository. This includes developing standards and guidelines to set up and maintain a successful BPM repository. It recognizes the need of making the repository relevant to businesspeople and explains how the repository improves and simplifies their work. ​


Day 1 – Introduction to your Process Repository

  1. Value and Positioning of Process Modeling
  2. Explore Modeling Methods (BPMN and others)
  3. Tools and Features Familiarity

Day 2 – Utilizing your Process Repository​

  1. Define Repository and Modeling Standards
  2. Structuring the Repository
  3. Exploring Advanced Modeling Techniques

Day 3 – BPM Repository Strategy

  1. Value-driven Business Process Management
  2. Define Modeling Standards and Governance
  3. Collaborating through Process


  1. Enable initial skills necessary to get going on BPM tool
  2. Develop process modeling and tool capabilities to enable value-driven repository management
  3. Alignment on standards and guidelines to set up and maintain a successful BPM repository
  4. Use reports contained in repository to generate value
  5. Pragmatic approaches to the repository management for the business
  6. Understand the best modeling standards


Process improvement and transformation professionals of all levels looking to develop skills necessary to set-up and roll-out their process repository.

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