Process Mining: Delivering Improvement


Learn how to analyse your process data to monitor KPI(s) and generate fact-based insights with no prior data science experience.

Finding the missing link between “Business” and “IT” has always been a challenge for many organisations, especially with the ever-increasing data trail generated for almost every process actioned on a day-to-day basis.

Translate this data into actionable insights and pitch findings to the business using Process Mining technologies along with our tried and tested Rapid Process Improvement approach.

Receive comprehensive training on using Process Mining concepts, from understanding widgets, graphs and analytical techniques to creating deep-dive investigations using a specialist tool. Learn through hands-on, exercise-based training which is centred on real business process data and bottlenecks.

Finally, develop familiarity with advanced concepts such as how to collaborate your findings to the wider business and how to create a comprehensive business case for your process improvement initiatives.


  1. Process Mining Overview
  2. Rapid Process Improvement Approach
  3. Overview on Process Investigation Data & Setup
  4. Widgets, Graphs and Analytical Techniques
  5. Adding Filters and Thresholds for Root Cause Analysis
  6. Collaboration through Process Mining
  7. How to Create a Business Case


  1. Understand process visualisation through discovery and conformance checking, to get a realistic view on your processes.
  2. Create and understand widgets, graphs and analytical techniques to monitor KPIs.
  3. Apply advanced filters, thresholds, and widget types to perform root cause analysis.
  4. Understand the Rapid Process Improvement Approach to Process mining.
  5. Develop a brief understanding of data requirements.
  6. Build a comprehensive business case.
  7. Collaborate your findings to the wider business.


Anyone looking to develop or advance their process mining skills, in line with the growing interest in the field. This course caters to all skill levels; no previous experience is required.
If you are an experienced IT professional wanting to understand technical aspects of process mining and data setup requirements, an advanced technical course focusing on data science concepts pertaining to process mining is available.

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