Dr. Mathias Kirchmer speaking session on ‘Process-led Digitalisation: Reliable and Effective Value Realisation’ that took place at Digital Transformation Workplace Live Virtual Conference.

Most companies have started their digital transformation or at least plan for it. However, an industry study shows that only 1% of organisations have their processes sufficiently under control to realise the full potential of digital solutions.

Companies struggle to operationalise their business strategy and aligning their digitalisation properly. The value-realisation of digital initiatives is often too slow or business expectations are not met. An appropriate process management discipline addresses those challenges. It optimises the time-to-value.

The presentation discusses a process-led approach to digital transformation to accelerate the time-to-value and minimise risk. The findings are illustrated through examples from insurance, health, and high-tech companies.

Key topics to be addressed:

  • Process-led prioritisation
  • Focused process analysis as basis for a realistic business case
  • Leveraging software-based process reference models for rapid and effective design
  • Pragmatic evaluation of improvement opportunities through a simple simulation
  • Sustaining results through process governance and tools, such as process mining

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