Date: January 21, 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 11 AM EST

Now, more than ever, many companies are operating on shifting sands. To endure through continual change and increasing business complexities, it is important to establish a concrete understanding of your process performance to effectively identify issues, adapt where necessary, and improve process performance.

By leveraging tools, such as Process Mining, we can identify and address efficiency, quality, and compliance issues at pace, and with certainty to eliminate process bottlenecks and gain transparency.
Process Mining enables the data-supported insights needed to deliver fast, focused, and pragmatic improvements to our business processes.

This webinar will focus on two approaches for getting the most value out of Process Mining in your organization. Using case examples, we will demonstrate how an organization just getting started with BPM was able to get value from Process Mining and how Process Mining was applied at an organization farther along in their BPM journey to establish process transparency and adapt their strategy with changing demand.

Attendees of the webinar will learn how to:

  • Identify and Prioritize where to apply Process Mining
  • Deliver fast benefits of Process Mining throughout improvement journey
  • Sustain and maintain value from a Process Mining initiative

About the Speaker:

Bernie Kaduthanam is a Consultant at BPM-D with expertise in BPM-Discipline methods, tools, and approaches. He has vast experience in project management and data reporting. He is a creative thinker who uses many BPM principles to increase operational efficiency. Bernie’s performance-driven nature has motivates him to continuously accelerate time to value for client by resolving business problems using data-driven technology. His knowledge working with databases enables him to accurately translate enterprise data into actionable insights to create the link between data and business value. Bernie’s experience at BPM-D combined with his career background provides him with a diverse knowledge base in finance, manufacturing, and life sciences industries.