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Practitioner Course –
Creating your Process Agenda

One Day hands-on work-session using the
Business Process Management – Discipline (BPM-D)


This Premier Interactive Hands-On 1 day Workshop is designed for those seeking to ensure their organization’s strategies are executed successfully using BPM as a Management Discipline. It follows on from the Executive Introduction course with a practical focus on improving strategic execution. It is in response to those who have attended the training and have asked for more details on our innovative and pragmatic BPM Strategy approach.
This interactive workshop is based on a complete case study that participants develop through the day where they practice new skills in a safe but realistic non-linear environment. The content is based on the experience at numerous companies and ongoing BPM-D research. Real life case examples are used to bring to life practical challenges faced while creating a value-based process agenda for an organization.

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Definition and Value of the BPM DisciplineTM

  • The next generation enterprise – Agile and efficient
  • BPM-DTM the (patent pending) framework for the BPM discipline

BPM strategy – targeting value for an enterprise

  • Focus on high impact low maturity processes
  • Identifying Key Processes with highest impact

Process Segmentation – focusing the right attention on key processes

  • Learn how to determine a processes’ strategic importance
  • Determining the right intervention approaches

Setup the right BPM Capability – engaged and business oriented

  • Understand the Core Capabilities to Establish a Successful BPM Discipline
  • Diagnose and Identify BPM Capability Gaps in an organization
  • Develop the right BPM maturity level


Getting there – creating a BPM Roadmap

  • BPM Innovation and its key components
  • Techniques to Define the BPM Agenda / Roadmap

Getting started – fast results and lasting capabilities

  • An overview on the next steps in executing the Process Innovation
  • Finding the pragmatic journey – don’t boil the ocean


Enabling your journey from Strategy to Execution

Designed for:

Senior BPM executives, process owners, BPM operations managers, members of process design teams and everyone else with a stake in getting the most out of business processes.


For more information or to register send email to info@bpm-d.com or alternatively . . .

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Dates and Venue
    10am to 5pm in London

    • 12 March 2015 (London)
    • Others tbc







Peter Franz     and      Dr. Mathias Kirchmer
Global experts in BPM. See profiles here

Price per Attendee
£440 / $790 (excl VAT)

  • Refreshments, Lunch, Workshop Material
  • Complimentary copy of the book –
    “Value-Driven BPM”
  • Follow-up 1 hour coaching session.