BPM-D® is an innovative and reliable business partner that enables organizations to increase performance and productivity through cross-functional business and information technology initiatives – fast and at low risk. We are experts in establishing and applying the Discipline of Business Process Management (BPM-Discipline) providing significant value for digital business transformation. This results in operational excellence, superior customer experience and focused process innovation.

All our offerings are based on the patent pending BPM-D® Framework that increases value through BPM, speeds up process initiatives and reduces related risk. The offerings support a focused and dynamic approach to process management and improvement. This is pragmatic and outcome-oriented, linking to business strategy and working to translate this into execution in our digital world, faster and more reliably, energizing your organisation into focused action.

BPM-D® has deep roots in business process consulting with both founders having 25+ years of experience in that field, including top management positions at Accenture and IDS Scheer. The resulting know how is systematically transferred to our employees and, through our projects, to our clients. In addition, BPM-D® has been collaborating with top academic institutions, for over 15 years, ensuring innovative, forward-looking and sustainable solutions. Affiliations with top universities like the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia University or Widener University help keeping our value proposition current and attracting the right talent. Close relationships with leading and niche solutions vendors, in the BPM area, are leveraged where appropriate.

BPM-D® is a company delivering sustainable results at pace with certainty while being fun to work with and exciting to work for. We make strategy happen in our digital world.