On the 17th of September we hosted a Breakfast Briefing in conjunction with John Seabourn (Head of Digital, The Oil and Gas Authority), explaining The 7 Lenses of Successful Digital Transformation.

Download the presentation that we put together for the talk to get a better understanding of how The OGA are approaching their transformation and to see how BPM-D supported their Digital Transformation, and learn how you can transform your business by looking at how applicable these methods are to you.

About the presentation

OGA are forging ahead with an innovative digital transformation programme which will take them to the forefront of the energy sector. Looking to promote economic activity and regulatory compliance across the UK, they have instigated a journey of standardisation of data, system optimisation, and development of an entrepreneurial company culture. 

See how they are aligning numerous cuttingedge initiatives through process. By developing a deep understanding of what it is that the OGA does using Signavio Process Manager, they can better align their people, shape the numerous other initiatives, and break down communication barriers to build a collaborative environment. 

About the presenter

John Seabourn is Head of Digital Services for the UK Oil & Gas Authority with a demonstrated history of working in Central Government, the Oil & Energy industry and the Aviation industry. Skilled in geography, cartography, ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise, spatial and non-spatial databases and data mapping 

Peter Franz, Co-CEO at BPM-D, has been working at the forefront of Business Process Management (BPM) for many years as part of a 30 year career with Accenture. He has developed a number of innovative approaches to solve implementation issues in pragmatic and results-oriented way.