Intelligent Automation World Series 2018

BPM-D is excited to present at this year’s Intelligent Automation World Series. This virtual conference offers four days of presentations and case-studies from industry leaders pioneering in their field. Participants will gain insights on how to build effective governance structure to manage IA, learn how to integrate a digital workforce into resource planning & organisational culture and develop an understanding of what it takes to maintain it. Join Dr. Mathias Kirchmer for his presentation on Integrated Value-Realization for Robotic Process Automation to gain insight about focusing, implementing and  controlling RPA initiatives.

Intelligent Automation World Series 2018

Intelligent Automation World Series 2018 is a FREE virtual event that runs from September 11 – 14th. The key themes and topics this year are Blending Human and Digital Workforces, From pilot to enterprise adoption: Scaling and yield, Scaling and yield, Change Management in Digital Transformation and Automation’s Impact on BPO’s. Click HERE to register for the free event.

If you are unable to join the virtual conference, but are interested in the topic please feel free to contact us at


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