The BPM-Discipline – Strategy Execution in a Digital World

Successful organizations must be able to implement strategic change quickly and nimbly in this digital, global economy. We believe this challenge can only be met by effective process management. Our Executive Education course is designed for leaders seeking to implement and drive successful strategy execution into the next decade . You will discover what the building blocks are for developing a successful BPM strategy.

1. The Value of the BPM-Discipline

  • The power of the BPM-D framework
  • How does it create real business value
  • The business case for BPM

2. Execution Strategy – targeting value

  • Targeting value
  • Process agenda for fast results
  • Assessing your process maturity

3. The Process Organisation

  • Embedding BPM at the core of your organisation
  • Extending BPM governance – processes and master data
  • The case for a Chief Process Officer

4. BPM & Digitalisation

  • Enabling the process of process management
  • Assessing existing options
  • Considering next generation process execution

5. BPM Initiatives in Practise– pragmatic, fast, effective

  • Process prioritisation and weak point analysis
  • Driving standardisation
  • Targeted process automation

6. Getting Started – fast results and lasting capabilities

  • Green field initiatives are rare
  • Taking the pragmatic journey

Next available workshops

    • 1st March 2018 – US
    • 24th May 2018 – UK
    • 14th June 2018 – US
    • 1st Nov 2018 – US
    • 8th Nov 2018 – UK

Tel: +44 (1372) 463 365
+1 (484) 557-6794
Cost: £440 / $790 (excl VAT)
Start Time: UK – 10am; US – 11am
End Time: 5pm

With lunch and refreshments
Includes separate 1 hour coaching session


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