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Executive Introduction to the
Business Process Management – Discipline (BPM-D)

Training Workshop

We live in a fast moving business environment. The ability to move new ideas into execution fast and reliably will continue to be the prerequisite to business differentiation for the next decade.
The course provides an introduction to the management discipline of Business Process Management (BPM-DTM) as a key enabler to an agile business. It describes the value proposition and its positioning in the company and then provides an overview of some of the essential components of a value-oriented BPM function.

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Definition and Value of the BPM DisciplineTM

  • The next generation enterprise – Agile and efficient
  • BPM-DTM the (patent pending) framework for the BPM disciplineTM
  • The BPM-DTM Process Framework – getting things done
  • The BPM-DTM Value Framework and its role in developing the BPM Business case

BPM strategy – targeting value

  • Focus on high impact low maturity processes
  • Develop the right BPM maturity level
  • Process agenda for fast results and lasting capabilities

BPM organization – the agility network

  • BPM CoE – the core organization
  • Extended BPM governance organization – covering processes and master data
  • The Chief process officer and other emerging BPM roles

BPM Tools & Technologies – mature enablers

  • Traditional process execution systems like ERP still have a place –
    but a shrinking one
  • The next generation process execution – SOA and more
  • Core BPM software tools – supporting the process of process management
  • The importance of “social” for BPM


Improvement approaches – pragmatic, fast effective

  • Traditional approaches like Six Sigma are not sufficient
  • Fast results through process prioritization and weak point analysis
  • New ways of driving standardization
  • Targeted automation with the right degree of flexibility

Getting started – fast results and lasting capabilities

  • Green field initiatives are rare
  • Finding the pragmatic journey – don’t boil the ocean


Understanding a new approach to move Strategies into Execution

Designed for:

Senior Executives seeking a new ideas or a refresher on the Value of BPM to enable the next generation enterprise.
Rated an average of 4.7 out of 5 over the past 5 conducts


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Dates and Venue
    11am to 5pm in London and Philadelphia

    • 14 May 2015 (London)
    • 25 June 2015 (Philadelphia)
    • 10 September 2015 (London)







Peter Franz     and      Dr. Mathias Kirchmer
Global experts in BPM. See profiles here

Price per Attendee
£440 / $790 (excl VAT)

  • Refreshments, Lunch, Workshop Material
  • Complimentary copy of the book –
    “Value-Driven BPM”
  • Follow-up 1 hour coaching session.