Digital Business Transformation: Performance through Process


According to the newest research, over 70% of organisations worldwide have started digital transformation initiatives, or at least have a plan for them. The resulting transformation of business processes can lead to superior customer or supplier experience, operational excellence and focused process innovation.
But how do you make sure they create the desired business value? Many organisations underestimate the challenges of digital business transformation. A process-led management of the transformation journey addresses this situation. It allows your organisation to focus on the right areas to transform, improve those considering the end-to-end process context and sustain the results.
This course discusses process-led design and execution principles that realise the full business value of digital business transformations, delivering results fast and at minimal risk.
It combines case studies with current research findings to master business impacts of digitalisation leveraging the power of process.


  1. Focus: through discovering the value and definitions of the digital business transformations and developing a strategy for success
  2. Improve and Transform: by identifying the potential business impact of digital technologies as well as understanding the different transformation approaches leveraging these technologies that are available to you
  3. Sustain: by applying process governance to your transformation results and allowing for transparency of the transformation through Enterprise Architecture.
  4. Finally, looking to the future of Digital Business Transformations through trends and predictions as well as next steps for you and your organisation.


This executive workshop is designed for you to discover what the building blocks are for developing a successful transformation strategy and how to leverage business process management as value-switch. You will learn how to achieve operational excellence, superior customer experience and focused process innovation, leveraging digital enablers like RPA, AI, cloud or blockchain so that you can target real value at board level and translate this into action at pace and with certainty.


Leaders seeking to transform and improve their business leveraging digital enablers as appropriate.

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