Enabling Process Standardisation & Harmonisation


Agility and innovation are capabilities which enable organisations to get ahead of their competitors. But it is not pragmatic to strive for these qualities in all areas of a business.

Using our approach, define an 80 / 20 process split for your business

80% Commodity – industry best practises will suffice

20% High Impact – innovation & agility are critical

The commodity processes present an opportunity to drive simplification, standardisation & harmonisation, across geographies and roles. By targeting commodity processes for such initiatives, you deliver efficiency through conservation, while still enabling your organisation to be agile and innovative in the areas which require it.

Finally explore five process management enablers which will facilitate the initiatives, helping you to achieve practical standardisation and harmonisation.


  1. Standardisation & Harmonisation Overview
  2. Identifying the Process Split
  3. Adopting Standardised Processes
  4. Process Governance: Enable Empowerment
  5. Multi-site Standardisation
  6. Knowledge Management & Managing Transparency
  7. People Engagement
  8. Tools & Technology


  1. Deliver transparency, agility, innovation, and more through BPM
  2. Identify the 80% of commodity processes
  3. Identify the 20% of high impact processes
  4. Discover how to use standardisation & harmonisation within your company
  5. Apply the five-process management standardisation & harmonisation enablers
  6. Deliver efficiency without impacting your organisations ability to be agile & innovative


Executives looking to drive standardisation & harmonisation, without impacting their ability to be both agile & innovative.

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