Mathias Kirchmer: E-business process networks – successful value chains through standards. In: Journal of Enterprise Management, Vol. 17 No. 1, 2004.


In the 1990s, companies focused on the design and implementation of their internal business processes to overcome functional barriers. The 2000s are about the integration between enterprises and inter-enterprise processes, particularly the improvement of supply chain management and customer relationship processes, The major enabler is the Internet, which has resulted in entire networks of e-business processes across various organizations. To design and implement those processes efficiently and effectively, more and more organizations use available industry standards in the form of reference models, e.g. the supply chain reference model (SCOR), the RosettaNet Standards, or software reference models. Unclear for many enterprises is how to use those standards. This article describes a comprehensive methodology for the use of reference models, to design and implement inter-enterprise collaborations within value chain networks. The methodology leads to fast and reliable results in value chain improvement. It increases the performance of the implementation procedure and the resulting business processes.

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