In this, the latest Catherine Bolgar article, read how both design-orientated thinking and customer journey planning can be leveraged to deliver innovation in your business. The views of business and technology thought leaders have been incorporated into this article, including those of BPM-D Co-CEO Dr. Mathias Kirchmer.

In the classic approach, a company starts mapping the processes it needs to accomplish, then optimizing so the processes will be carried out efficiently, then writing the actual software, then implementing or installing it.

“It’s very inside-out driven,” Dr. Kirchmer says. “In today’s world, that’s a huge problem. First, it’s too slow. We need a faster approach. Second, the inside-out view doesn’t deliver results to drive profitable growth. It doesn’t improve the customer experience sufficiently. It’s good to be more efficient, but that doesn’t make enough of a difference for the client and move the organization to the next performance level.”

” Design thinking doesn’t just create efficiencies, but new ideas. Companies compete in just 15% of their processes. The rest is commodity—that is, matching competitors rather than differentiating beyond them. That high-impact 15% requires innovation enabled through design thinking.”

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer