Robotic Process Automation has been delivering fantastic business results across a variety of industries and functions. With reduced human error, more people’s time freed from monotonous tasks and a higher throughput you can focus on the people you are aiming to serve best.

The Partnership

Think of the journey to automation in your business and your mind may cloud over with thoughts of huge SaaS bills, tinkering with code that you can barely convince yourself that you understand and sleepless nights cleaning up after your Bot has made an error on all the work you made it do in the last 2 days. It doesn’t have to be like this!

IBM has been at the forefront of Automation with their Digital Business Automation suite of tools, including Automation Anywhere, to help established corporations master value creating solutions.
BPM-D’s clients who provide services to local councils are already reaping the benefits of our automation solutions, and continue to support others through their journey to automation.

That’s why BPM-D and IBM are teaming up to bring simpler, cost effective automation. This modular approach to the project, a 360 degree understanding of where the value generation is in your organisation and clarity of where affordable automation tools can be deployed to return the investment soonest.

The Speakers

Peter Franz

Managing Director and Co-CEO at BPM-D

Peter Franz is one of the two co-founders of BPM-D®. He has been working at the forefront of Business Process Management (BPM) for many years as part of a 30 year career with Accenture. Since setting up the innovative new company he has continued to assist a number of companies in strategic execution and in establishing a BPM discipline. He has developed several innovative approaches to solve implementation issues in pragmatic and results-oriented way.

Danny Bathmaker

Director at BPM-D

Danny has over 15 years of experience in managing complex programmes within large, multi-site, unionised, retail and financial services organisations. More recently Danny has played a key role in helping public service sector and shipping organisations navigate their automation journeys.

Christophe Gasc

Alliance Manager Europe at IBM

Christophe Gasc has been at the forefront of developing IBM Automation solutions for 20 years, through the partner eco-system as IBM Europe Alliance leader for DBA (Digital Business Automation) or directly as ILOG UK Managing Director. His experience includes helping many governmental agencies with their digital strategy in the automation space.


08:00 – Registration

08:00 – Coffees and small talk

09:00 – Presentation: How to identify, prioritise and prepare for automation

09:20 – Presentation: Introduction to IBM’s Digital Business Automation platform

09:40 – Presentation: Practical use cases and best practices enabled by Automation Anywhere

10:00 – Presentation: Start Small (Bringing these tools out of the ivory tower and onto the shop floor)

10:15 – Meet the presenters over coffee

11:45 – Carriages

At a Glance


Start Small Think Big, Digital Business Automation


IBM – 76/78 Upper Ground- London SE1 9PZ – United Kingdom




November 14, 2019 at 8:00 AM