CX Excellence

BPM-D connects Customer Experience with operations to deliver CX Excellence.

Through identifying the business processes behind an end-to-end customer journey and then leveraging data and emerging technologies, our approaches optimise touchpoints to achieve externally focused process improvement.

What Is
CX Excellence?

CX Excellence is an organisational commitment to delivering exceptional interactions, whether your customer is a buyer, supplier or internal stakeholder. This is achieved through aligning operations with your CX strategy, ensuring a customer-centric mindset across the business.  

Traits typically associated with CX Excellence include:

– organisation-wide awareness of your CX Strategy and the role different teams play in delivering it,

– visibility of how your customers interact with your organisation, leveraging tools such as customer journey models, touch-point diagrams, etc.,

– alignment between the customer-facing and “below the waterline” teams/functions, with clear links between customer touchpoints and the underlying operational processes,

– a customer-focused improvement roadmap with interventions prioritised based on their value to delivering your CX strategy,

– performance tracking with dedicated, customer-focused KPIs (including CSATs).

– Improve customer retention & make their experience better

– Generate CX buy-in from your operations teams

– Justify CE investments – how do I prove I need to make this change!

– Shift leadership focus from “just” making money to considering the customer experience

– Evaluate if automation is helping or hurting your customer experience

– Identify emerging patterns proactively, through data tracking, to improve your responsiveness

– Better understand how good your customer services are – for when CSATs, NPS, and traditional tools just are not cutting the mustard!

– It is between 5 to 25-times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one – Harvard Business Review

– CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, outperforming brand and price combined – Gartner

– 79% of companies have cut costs by offering a better customer experience, while 84% of companies report adding to their bottom line revenue and profits – Dimension Data CX

– Effective Customer Journey Mapping can deliver an 18-times faster sales cycle, with 56% more revenue from up-selling and cross-selling efforts – Aberdeen Group

– 90% of Global Executives who used data analytics reported it improved their ability to deliver superior customer experience – Forbes Insights

– We have extensive experience in delivering transformation, across a wide variety of industries.

– Our methodology focuses on both above and below the waterline, aligning operations with the CX vision through process.

– Pragmatism –  our approach to CX transformation is not just about designing the future state vision but also planning the implementation journey to get there.

– As thought leaders in analytics, we have pioneered approaches which combine Process Performance measures with NPS/CSATs to create innovative insights.

– The technologies we leverage create a single source of CX information by bringing journeys, data and process onto one platform, then fostering engagement across an organisation.

– Tool agnostic, so we can provide impartial support in selecting the software solutions best suited to your business challenges.

BPM-D Delivers CX Excellence

To improve the experience which you provide to customers, we help you to identify their journeys with your organisation including key touch points, decisions, and the related business processes. We then work with you to design and transform the journeys from a stakeholder perspective, driving focused improvements in the underlying processes.

Using engaging design thinking coupled with cutting edge data analysis, we identify the optimal process for your customers. This is enabled by innovative people and technology solutions, providing an agile and reliable response to customers in a dynamic and ever-changing digital environment.

Why RPI?

Why RPI?

Customer Journey Mapping

Capture and creatively shape your customer journeys, identifying key touchpoints and the related business processes. Use this visibility to design and transform the “Journeys” from a customer perspective, driving focused improvements in the underlying processes.
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CX Analytics and Transformation

Combine Business Intelligence and Process Mining technologies with traditional C-SATs to generate rich insights into understanding your customer and designing experiences specifically tailored to fit their needs.
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Improving CX through Automation

Use Smart Automation technologies to deliver consistent, efficient and effective customer experiences. This includes workflow automation, RPA & low/no-code technologies.
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CX Excellence

Up skill your team to become CX Excellence leaders through our range of training courses. These include generating executive awareness, building core capabilities in your CX/business analyst teams, and advancing the technical skills around emerging transformation-enabling technologies.

Learn how to analyse your process data to monitor KPI(s) and generate fact-based insights with no prior data science experience. Finding the missing link between “Business” and “IT” has always been a challenge for many organisations, especially with the ever-increasing data trail generated for almost every process actioned on a day-to-day basis.

BPM-D Delivers Sustainable Results

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