For over two years, BPM-D has offered and delivered our Remote Process Consulting expertise to our clients for various business transformation initiatives. As many companies adjust to the new way of working, we at BPM-D would like to be your partners as you build sustainable processes to manage and maintain operational efficiency. We have a proven ability to deliver and drive the same level results as our traditional on-site consulting.

Improve the performance of your processes – now.

We can help you reducing risk, cycle times, cost and more through Rapid Process Consulting, delivered remotely. Through a combination of digital tools for process prioritisation, modelling or simulation we help you moving performance to the desired level, without being onsite.

BPM-D Remote Process Performance Consulting approach creates and deliver:

  • Engaging consulting experience for clients through digital technology and cloud-based tools like the BPM-D Application
  • Major cost savings for clients through minimal travel expenses

Maximised transparency in every stage of the engagement through dynamic digital process management

Check out the information about our consulting services for more details.

Align your key processes and practices across your remote workforce creating visibility for your teams.

Let us help you align your key processes and practices across your remote workforce. Understand how cloud-based collaboration can empower your team and allow you to create new ways of working during this unprecedented time.

Secure What Matters Most

Strategy-based Business Continuity Planning identifies the high impact processes of an organisation as key targets to reduce risk and define mitigation procedures.

Automate key processes and continue to provide vital services that your customers rely on.  

RPA has been around a while now and has helped forward-thinking organisations achieve vast improvements in service whilst reducing costs. Our quick start robots can help you to continue running vital services your customers rely on. Read more

Adjust to Changing Demand, Fast and Flexibly

Rapid scalability through the BPM-Discipline offers an approach that allows organisations currently under pressure to effectively scale upwards to meet soaring demands. We drive scalability through our multi-dimensional approach that addresses process, people and technology.   Read more

Targeted Adjustments and Simplification to get your business back on track

Re-imagine your organisation in the next normal through the Rapid Process Improvement (RPI) approach, including pragmatic prioritisation and execution of process adjustments and simplifications. We help organisations quickly restart their business operations.