Controlling your Systems with Application Architecture


Process modelling offers visibility and control over what a business does, delving into tasks, accountability, data, and other essential information. While most modelling notations offer a view into how technology and systems interact with a process, there is little representation of how different systems interact with one another.

Application Architecture can offer this visibility. It provides a visual representation of the connection between various IT programs, modules and databases. This can be essential in rationalising your organisation’s program portfolio; the clear identification of dependencies and interconnections mitigates risk from changes to the architecture.

Explore both when and how to deploy Application Architecture models, adhering to the ArchiMate 3.0 standard, through this interactive workshop.


  1. Systems Overload
  2. Introduction to Application Architecture
  3. Modelling your Business Systems
  4. Managing Change
  5. Controlling your Data Flow
  6. ArchiMate in the Real World
  7. Group Case Study


  1. Understand the value of Application Architecture
  2. Evaluate the tools supporting Application Architecture modelling
  3. Review the ArchiMate 3.0 standard
  4. Model your Application Architecture
  5. Apply ArchiMate to practical business scenarios
  6. Deploy Application ArchiMate to address appropriate business challenges


IT managers & analysts looking to develop competence with the ArchiMate 3.0 Application Architecture standard and understand when / where to deploy such models.

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