Developing a Value-driven Strategy Execution Roadmap

Establishing an execution roadmap for your business strategy, leveraging processes as an organising lens, to effectively identify and prioritise transformation initiatives. This is essential to meet the challenges for the much more dynamic “next generation” enterprise. Creating the roadmap for delivering business improvements and the sustainable process management capability to deliver it faster and with greater certainty.

Setting up the BPM Organisation and Governance

Helping to shape and implement the process management organisation and necessary governance to meet the needs of the dynamic “next generation” enterprise. This is critical to aligning the core BPM capability as an enabler of the broader process management capability across the organisation to produce real value like agility and standardisation, innovation, conservation of good practices, quality, or efficiency.

Enterprise Architecture, Modelling and Repositories

Establish an outcome-focused enterprise architecture and process repository to achieve a value-driven BPM-Discipline. This includes standards and guidelines to set up and maintain a successful enterprise repository. It recognises the need to focus on being relevant to business people and explain how the repository improves and simplifies their work.

Rapid Process Improvement

Especially suited for small and medium enterprises and divisions of large organisations, Rapid Process Improvement is implemented by identifying the key value drivers of your organisation. We develop repositories where we collect and structure the AS-IS business operating model. We use the BPM-D® framework to develop improvement actions and the To-Be process models. Through the implementation and execution, the process improvement strategy should form the lynchpin for the business strategy of the organisation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation has great potential to generate fast and sustainable improvements in Operations Excellence, Controls Compliance and Service Innovation.  Our RPA Discovery offering is an innovative approach that helps you detect where the greatest value resides in your organisation. We use our tools and techniques to identify, prioritise and select a process before verifying the automation business case.

The discovery phase typically lasts 3-4 weeks and can take more than one path but predominantly it uses our Automation Evaluation method to select a process as a Proof of Concept/Value candidate based on the impact on business performance. Then analyses the selected As-Is process to identify any bottlenecks and provide a list of improvement initiatives to address these issues prior to automation. Finally models the To-Be process and identifies the optimal activity/activities which will benefit the various RPA and associated technologies.  More…

Business Process Standardisation and Harmonisation

In a time of change, businesses need to be agile, and customer driven. We have developed an innovative way to categorise processes, identifying those that need to be adaptable and unfettered, while brokering the identification of the standard processes that should be simplified and harmonised. We then work with organisations to implement five process management enablers that are critical in achieving practical standardisation and harmonisation.

Process Led ERP

Our approach focusses on creating business value through a Process led ERP implementation. We do this by focussing on High impact processes and identifying how to utilise the best in market tools to ensure that your organisation’s needs are met while not overpowering the end user. We pay special attention towards the correct degree of standardisation, while also allowing capabilities for innovation, ensuring that your company’s value drivers are always at the centre of our strategy. We develop with you, the required processes and governance, to allow a successful adoption/adaptation of the ERP tools.

Execution of Process Improvement Work Packages

Result of design and improvement initiatives are work packages that drive the realisation of the desired improvement. We work with you to execute those work packages. These include people, technology, and general organisation execution activities.

Customer Journey Mapping

To improve the customer experience, we identify their major touch points with the organisation. We then work with you to design and transform the “Journeys” from a customer perspective. Using engaging design thinking approaches we work with you to identify the optimal process for your client enabled by innovative people and technology solutions.