Mathias Kirchmer: Competitive Advantage in an Era of Change: 11 Typical Business Situations where Business Process Management delivers Value. Accenture BPM Publication, Philadelphia 2011.


It has been said many times: In business, as in life, the only constant is change.

However, this sentiment has never been more widely shared than today. Faced with an unprecedented volume and pace of disruptive marketplace shifts, global organizations are in need of transparency, agility and compliance, quality and efficiency as well as improved networking with external

Business process management (BPM) is a management discipline that can help businesses attain these important attributes. It adds pace and certainty, moving new strategies into technical or people-based action. It helps “get things done”. And while building a lasting BPM capability requires the development of new skills and abilities. it also promises to help today’s global Organizations manage many of the most challenging marketplace developments they face, thereby generating immediate value. Companies that embrace BPM today will enjoy a significant and lasting edge over the competition. Establishing a “BPM Process” means creating competitive advantage that is very difficult.

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